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General Contact Information

800 Bradbury Dr. SE, Suite 215, Albuquerque, NM 87106

If visiting the Commission offices in person, please park in the garage to the west of the building on Bradbury Drive.

8:00 AM – 5:00PM Monday – Friday (Currently by Appointment Only)



Inspection of Public Records Requests to the State Ethics Commission

The Commission is committed to responding to requests to inspect public records to the fullest extent permitted by the law. Click here to view the Commission’s policy on Records Requests.

Click here to download an Information Request Letter Template. 

How do I request copies of the Commission’s public records?

By email:

  • The Commission requests that persons requesting records under the Inspection of Public Records Act submit their requests by e-mail to Please provide a written description of the records you are requesting.
  • By post: New Mexico State Ethics Commission, 800 Bradbury Dr. SE, Ste. 217, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

For records requested to be delivered through mail, the Commission will cover postage for records small enough to be mailed first class in a standard envelope. For requests of records requiring more postage, the Commission will provide a receipt for shipping to be paid by the requestor. For requests of records exceeding 4 printed pages, the State Ethics Commission charges $1.00 for every printed page after the first four pages.

Are the Commission’s records confidential?

Under the State Ethics Commission Act, some of the records held by the State Ethics Commission are confidential. For example, requests for advisory opinions are confidential and are not subject to the provisions of the Inspection of Public Records Act. Further, complaints filed with the Commission are confidential, unless the General Counsel determines that the complaint is supported by probable cause and a public hearing has been set. Complaints that are not within the Commission’s jurisdiction or are not supported by probable cause remain confidential.

Most of the State Ethics Commission’s records, however, are public records. For example, a hearing officer or Commission decision that a respondent’s conduct constituted a violation, and the terms of any settlement approved by the Commission, are public records. Further, all pleadings, motions, briefs and other documents or information related to a decision that a respondent’s conduct constituted a violation are public records, except for information that is protected pursuant to the attorney-client privilege, provider patient privilege or state or federal law. All records offered into evidence at a public hearing are also public records. 

For additional information on the Inspection of Public Records Act and state agencies’ duties under that law, please see the New Mexico Attorney General’s IPRA Guide.