The State Ethics Commission Act requires the Commission to produce quarterly reports regarding complaintsSee NMSA 1978, § 10-16G-12(G)​ 



Q1 (January – March)

Rolled Over From 2023-Q4: 23

New Filed in 2024-Q1: 3

Closed in 2024-Q1: 22

Complaints filed in Q1

Governmental Conduct Act: 2

Other: 1

Q2 (April-June)

Rolled Over From 2024-Q1: 4

New Filed in 2024-Q2: 35

Closed in 2024-Q2: 9

Complaints filed in Q2

Governmental Conduct Act: 11

Campaign Reporting Act: 24


Q3 (July-September)

Rolled Over From 2024-Q2: 30

New Filed in 2024-Q3: 

Closed in 2024-Q3: 


Complaints filed in Q3

Q4 (October-December) 

Rolled Over From 2024-Q3: 

New Filed in 2024-Q4: 

Closed in 2024-Q4: 

Complaints filed in Q4